You are a Great Edifice
You are a Great Edifice is written so much love to teenagers and young adults. This book contains divine instructions and practical knowledge required for this stage of your life and the future which is just around the corner. Our God is a builder, we are his buildings and a glorious one at that. Dear Teenager and young adults, you are a great edifice, a masterpiece, uniquely fashioned with a glorious future. Jesus Christ said greater works than he did we would do, thus, God will not go ahead and do everything for you. He has made you a co-builder with Him and your first assignment is building your life into that great edifice. As you build your edifice, you will gain mastery to succeed and to influence lives for your maker. Reading this book will let you know that part of your being which is the starting point of your building activities, why you need to start building now, what to build, how to build and the resources needed. Trust me, the book is both an interesting and liberating read!
Author : Sade Oke
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 50

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