Your Alpha Boo
The book, Your Alpha Boo contains the major things a single lady should consider while deciding on a life partner. Your Alpha boo is carefully packaged as a guide that will help you to choose rightly, calm your anxiety about marriage by helping you to see and understand what marriage actually is, feels like and plays out despite being single. It exposes the reader to the non-negotiable factors to consider in any man that can be suitable for a long lasting marriage and further highlights tips on what to do when you discover some character flaws in the person you love. The God factor was also considered and how important it is to involve God when deciding including harmful signals from so called prophets who try to manipulate people into marriage with fake prophecies. The Author shares on how she met her husband, the challenges at the point of getting married and the experiences of some men when they were about choosing who to get married to. The book further exposes you to what you actually need either as a single lady or a married woman and how you can experience fulfilment regardless of your marital status. Your Alpha Book closes with an exposure and enlightenment to ladies on how to be rightly positioned and things to do to be visible, secure and at peace while waiting for the right man. Your Alpha Boo is a must have if fulfilment in life and marriage is your desired goal.
Author : Bukola Adeolu-’Dele
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 116

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