Amaris Ricci

Books by Amaris Ricci

a chance to love

Sanora Simmons ran a high priced prostituting ring. She had over five thousand girls working for her but once a year she would make time for the most important person in her life - Chance O'Leary. She longed for him to profess his love for her and he wanted her to be his wife but neither of them wanted to get hurt and before they knew it, years had passed and one of them was yet to make the first move. Sanora was about to be caught up in a twisted family affair. Would she find out who here real mother is? Would Chance ever let her know how much he loves her? Would Chance's sister, finally leave the man she married for the one who holds her heart?

flawed fate

Dante James - down on his luck, gets blind drunk and rapes a teenage girl - Tayla Bradshaw. He doesn't remember. She gets pregnant. She meets Dante ten years later. She plans to expose him. She hangs around him for weeks and when the time comes the only person who stops her is her son Joche and much to her demise, she has fallen dangerously in love.


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