Ayodele Olagoke

Ayodele Olagoke holds a bachelor degree (B.Sc) in Mathematical Science. Interestingly, she is a resourceful personage and an accomplished literary writer. However, her wealth of experience in different areas of human endeavours has tremendously helped her in publishing outstanding literary collections. She is an erudite scholar, a creative literary writer, editor, an accomplished author and an examiner. Ayodele is best known for writing fiction stories that teach moral values and encourage those who have lost hope in life. Among her published books are: ATale Of Two Rivals, Mysterious Twins, Whispers Of A Prince, The Prince Without Shoes, The Smart Cock And Other Stories, The Exuberant Bees, Weeping Princess Of Stone City, Happy Moment With Grandma, Guiding Kids To Love Mathematics, An Open-Secret Deal and she co-authored a book titled Manual for Effective Parenting with Olawale Olagoke and Olufunmilayo Fasina. She is presently a deputy director at Daveman Communications Company (an integrated marketing communication outfit) and Honeymick Global Publishers. Ayodele is a member of Chartered Institute Of Stockbrokers and also possess Post Graduate Diploma in Education Ayodele is a caring mother & a wonderful wife. She loves reading, writing, travelling and listening to good music. Ayodele can be reached through the followings: ayodeleolagoke@yahoo.com ayodeleolagoke1971@gmail.com Social media accounts: Facebook: Ayodele Olagoke LinkedIn: Ayodele Olagoke Instagram: ayodeleolagoke1808

Books by Ayodele Olagoke

happy moment with grandma

“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort, lesson about life and most importantly cookies” Rudolph Giuliani. Nine-year-old Betty was privileged to listen to fairy tales from her mother at a tender age. This exercise encouraged her to develop deep interest in reading different story books. However, when grandma came on a visit, it was a different ball game for Betty. A little moment with grandma was a wonderful combination of warmth, good prospect for the future, laughter and love. Betty had an amazing experience about funny stories and she finally realized that there was a strong genetic bond between grandmas and their grand children. In fact, there was nothing they wouldn’t do to make their grandchildren happy.


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