Edidiong Esshiet

A Nigerian Author Founder of TalesFromTheOtherLand blog Books: The Lagos Swap - Novel The Evening God Ate Spaghetti - (Short story) Tales and Twists -( a multi author anthology) Coast To Coast - (a multi author anthology) Blog: https://talesfromtheotherland.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @EsshietEdidiong

Books by Edidiong Esshiet

the lagos swap

Idara Ehehim is using drugs to escape the trauma of rape. On her wedding night she suspects her husband is the rapist. But her quest to reveal the truth takes a turn when she discovers she and her husband have a set of lookalikes living in the same city. Shocked by this discovery; worried no one believes her claims; and mortified by the realization of an accidental swap of partners; Idara is caught up in a dilemma to either question her sanity or her paternity.


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