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EMERUEM’S LIB. is short for Emeruem’s Library which was coined as a result of the writer -Emeruem Njideka Ihunanya- feeling like she is a living compendium of her family THE EMERUEM’S! As a young child growing up in Nigeria, she would often write short imaginative series, playing with common emotions and virtues, felt by every human such as love which she strongly believes is first a person –God- before an emotion. A prolific songwriter, she writes about this in her debut single “XOXO”. https://audiomack.com/drnjay/album/the-contract

Books by Emeruem's Library

girl power

He was her kind of guy, all heart with a dash of finesse. She liked him. He had these sincere eyes that looked like he had nothing to hide, nothing whatsoever. His laughter was loud and hearty like his demeanor. She enjoyed their conversation, his gestures and the way he stared at her as though she was all that mattered in that moment. He had an aura that seemed like he was without a care, as though he had no desire to impress anyone. But he impressed her very much indeed.


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