Gabriel Udensi

Gabriel Udensi is an internationally published author, with several of his books published on Amazon, bambooks, okadabooks, Lulu, Barnes and Noble etc. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Association of Nigerian Christian Authors and Publishers (ANCAPS) Abia State Chapter. He is also a member of Aba Book Club, and Aba Poetry Club. And an associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB). He hails from Abia State, from the Bende Local government area.

Books by Gabriel Udensi

effective reading and writing tips

The attainment of mastery in reading and writing skills, for effective comprehension and communication, is the pinnacle of excellence, in any academic field and career pursuit. In view of the above, this book is carefully written to help readers and writers, students and teachers, to actualize this noble aspiration and improve upon their educational craft and professional skills. In it you will learn the followings: • How to Read Fluently • How to Distinguish Facts from Opinions • Tips For Enhancement of Reader’s Understanding • Study Strategy Tips • The Writing Process • Types of Writing • Analyzing Poetry And so many more studies, let’s go to the lecture hub now.

flashes of insight

This is an anthology of divinely inspired poems, that traverses across diverse varieties of poetry, as thus: Lyrics, Narratives, Concrete, Couplets, Haiku, African Haiku, Polemics and Free Verses. It's fully loaded with great insights about life, hope, love, philosophy, divine mysteries, wisdom, knowledge, morality, African Heritage, the gospel and works of Christ Jesus. It’s like a burning furnace, a purifier that will purge one of impurities and transform his/her life, into a pure perfect gold, purified seven times. More interesting, is the narrative poem titled: “Rawat, the Indian Hunter”. Narrates how an Indian Hunter in his hunting enterprise discovered Indian hemp, very interesting poem filled with suspense.

law of exponential multiplicity

This is a critical research work on numbers, their distribution; even and uneven, and how it affects their multiplication. This work contains underlying principles of numbers and how to increase their rate of multiplicity, which can be applied in mathematics, sciences, economics and basic life style.

you shall smile again

In order to cushion the effect of the troubles and crisis ravaging the world, especially the novel COVID-Nineteen pandemic, this masterpiece is written to bring succour, healing and assurance of hope, giving solace to the spiritless. It’s carefully crafted to address issues of lost hope, peace and love, with the assurance that after thorough navigation through its poetic hills and valleys, your beacon of hope, shall be illuminated, and you shall definitely smile again. “After He had tried you in the furnace of afflictions, you are coming out as well refined pure gold.”


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