Jadesola Ajao

Books by Jadesola Ajao

five plus one equals done

In the elite world beyond the fences of Achievers High School, Lekki, Lagos, two girls are different, yet so similar: Ibukun is a scholarship student who is bullied by her elitist classmates for her poverty, while dealing with an abusive father at home. Niyi is the most popular girl in school and the apple of her parents' eyes. She is also blind, and this disability impacts onto her a crippling insecurity. In their final year, these two girls, formerly complete strangers, will come to know each other and realise they have more in common than they thought, when, in some series of unfortunate events, Niyi becomes a social pariah. She is then forced to shed her former, popular friends and form a true, lasting friendship with Ibukun.


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