Olawale Olagoke

Olawale Olagoke is an accomplished literary writer and a resourceful advertising practitioner. He is a graduate of Mass Communication and with remarkable wealth of experiences, which spread across different aspects of human endeavours. He had a stint as a judiciary and foreign desk reporter, proof reader and sub-editor respectively, in a print medium after his tertiary education. The zeal to flow in the full current of communication drifted him into the world of advertising. As an advertising practitioner, Olawale was privileged to work in different capacities as a client service executive, copy writer and senior copy writer in advertising agencies. During these periods, Olawale was a good team player, who actively participated in advertising and public relations campaign for corporate organizations, airlines, banks, food & beverage industries and so on. He is currently the founder of Daveman Communications Company (an integrated marketing communication outfit) and Honeymick Global Publishers. Olawale has also published books titled: The Bridge Builders, How Tortoise Acquires Knowledge, The Merchant Of Knowledge, Higher Than A Kite, My favourite Letter, My Book Of Numbers, Few Step To Jail, Higher Than A Kite, The Merchant’s Legacy, How The cookie crumbles, All Eyes On Me and he co-authored a book titled Manual For Effective Parenting with Ayodele Olagoke & Olufunmilayo Fasina. Olawale is a loving husband, caring father, an enthusiast of jazz and a jolly good fella. Check him out on olawaleolagoke252@gmail.com and olawaleolagoke@yahoo.co.uk. SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS Facebook: Olawale Olagoke Instagram: Olawale405 LinkedIn: Olawale Olagoke

Books by Olawale Olagoke

few steps to jail

"Keep your head and heart going in the right direction and you won’t have to worry about your feet” Anonymous. Two childhood friends had different ambitions which suited their nature and the kind of life they chose to live. At a certain stage in their lives, they parted ways because they had different perspectives about life. One painstakingly endured hardship and finally sailed through the turbulence of life. The other friend finally realised that, anybody that acquired wealth through fraudulent ways would surely pay for his crime one day. What led the boy to the street? What kind of parenting did he have? When did he realize his mistakes? Where did this boy wish he could move back the hands of the clock to start a new life all over again? Read further to know more about unfolding events that culminated into his incarceration.

higher than a kite

Nothing pays greater dividend like making honesty one’s watchword. A sales clerk redeemed the image of his employer before a foreigner and he was rewarded for being honest. How did a German visitor misplace a wallet containing five hundred dollars on a counter in a reputable bookshop? Who rewarded this young boy for being honest? How did he weather the storm in a foreign land? Answers to these questions and lots more cannot be discovered without going into the pages of this interesting story. Happy reading…


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