Timi Waters

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two red lines

All she wanted was to live a simple life, then she met the Ajibade twins, and the LINES turned RED. When Bekere caught Folu's intense gaze at the mall, little did she know that his dashing good looks and immense wealth were the least of her worries. Folu has all it takes to make any woman fantasize about happily-ever-afters with him, but when it came to keeping them, he fell short. Fola, Folu's twin had always seen women the same way they saw him, a sex tool when he met Bekere at a balmy restaurant in Victoria Island, he discovered a new hunger he couldn't satiate; a need to love, protect, and make her his at all cost. When these twin brothers discovered they shared a love for the same woman, a fierce battle ensues that can only end one way; RED LINES.


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