Adiemea Obed

Adiemea Obed is a practicing Medical Doctor, Business Consultant and a writer. He helps provide Business Strategy and solutions to businesses. He is a passionate writer and speaker, he blogs at Naijayouthsarena.com. He runs the fast growing Facebook group. Next Entrepreneurs Leaders and influencers network. NELIN. for grooming the next big leaders and Entrepreneurs of Africa. He lives and works in Port Harcourt Nigeria

Books by Adiemea Obed

making money on whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the easiest money Making apps on smartphone, Yet the most neglected. There are several ways to make Legitimate income on WhatsApp that most people are unaware of. The good thing about making money on WhatsApp is that, you do not need anything else but your phone to harness them This is a resource that will teach you: 7 proven ways people are killing it on WhatsApp, including ones that are still secrets? You will then complain that your WhatsApp contacts are not much. What if you are told that with just 100 contacts you can be racking in #100,000 monthly with some of these strategies? That means you have a Legitimate income stream You will learn: 7 ways to make money on WhatsApp and how to go about them 5 proven Strategies to increase your WhatsApp contact list to any number you want. One bonus Legitimate trick to make over #100,000 in 24hours if you have the courage to try it.

other people's money: 3 things you need to attract unlimited funding for your business and projects

Everyone needs funding at one stage or the other both in business and in career. Attracting the required funds from people who have it. Is a skill only a few people know. OPM (other peoples' Money) skills is critical both in career and in life in general. This is one skill that will position you for unlimited success in life because without funding most dreams die an untimely death. In this book I have outlined 3 things that will position you to constantly attract funding from people who have the money to give. Be they individuals, organisations or even government bodies. Whether the money is for a Business for profits or a non profit organization, politics or project. The methods for attracting "Other peoples' money" is similar and involves these three things as outlined in this insightful read. Get the book and position yourself for unlimited funding.

maximum productivity days

Productivity is the Hallmark of all true success. People who are extremely successful owe it to extreme and Maximum productivity. No matter what you are involved in, if you can be productive, you will ultimately be successful. Productivity as important as it is is very difficult to come by. We are always easily overcome by laziness or busy with unproductive work of no significant value. Other times we are plagued with lack of time for real Productive work. Outlined in this book are Strategies that can help balance out our desire to be and our need to be extremely productive making us very productive and ultimately successful. If you see yourself battling with Laziness, you don't need to fight any longer, the discoveries in this book will turn you into a maximally productive person at work and in your individual life. These are drawn from my personal journey towards becoming a more productive person. Through these discoveries I have gone on to amaze myself. I used to be lazy and ex


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