Agunbiade O.J

Agunbiade Olatunbosun Joseph (O . J) is a Nigerian, a student, a poet, a writer, a photographer. Born in April, hails from Ondo state by origin. He is currently studying (Veterinary Medicine D.V.M) at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria. He started writing poetry since 2016 and has excellently carved a niche for him self among other genres of literature. He has published several poems on nature, lifestyle, culture, tradition,human and environmental situations and many more on websites, blogs and social media. He is as such enthusiastic towards Individual growth and development.

Books by Agunbiade O.J

thirty days in april

The book THIRTY DAYS IN APRIL by Agunbiade O. J is based on poetic illustrations. It consists of poems which, in style, illustrates and narrates the biography of the author in context to timely experiences and symbiosis with certain personalities toward life, religion, love, earthly elementary aspects and momentary emotions.


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