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naked coin

Naked Coin follows the travails of an Igbo family in the era of the Biafra War who though lived outside the Biafra land were nonetheless affected by the tribal strife and patriotic overzealousness surrounding the pre-war years and its antebellum. Ikenna's family found wealth; they lost it all and would be driven to search for it again by all means. Ikenna found love before the war, he did foolish things for it and counts on love to see him through the horrid times as they ran from jungles to villages and back to jungles running away from war zones and deaths. In the end, deaths caught up with them, penury did too, love failed them, and an assumed brotherhood betrayed them. Ikenna and his family, or what is left of it must relearn to forge new survival paths around the same things that punished them; family, money and love.

everything has gone wrong

Poetry, like every other form of art should be able to tell a story, otherwise it is pure madness. If I am correct on this point, then Everything has Gone Wrong meets the criterion of what genuine art should be. Furthermore, it has done so in beautiful fashion. Every piece in this poetry collection tells a story that appeals to your emotions and senses. You will be thrilled by the literary light in Project Andrew and Sweet Silver Night. The sensual flow in Belinda's Charm and Portrait of a Seductress will sedate you sweetly. If you are a thorough poetic critique, the magical rhythm in WhatHappens When We Die will impress you. I was particularly drawn into the delicately placed lines of Always Trapped.


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