Alexander Nnaemeka

Books by Alexander Nnaemeka

sweet and sour

Sweet and Sour is a mysterious, paranormal, romantic and suspense-filled erotica, set in the contemporary Nigerian society. It began with Heaven seated in a luxurious bus, filled with regret and remorse. She recalls her erotic and short-lived sexual relationship with Peter in an exotic hotel, which ended in her getting infected with HIV and dead. David once believed in love until Miracle broke his heart and this resulted in him becoming a womanizer. His shop in the main market was engulfed in strange flames with the origin of the fire unknown. David was left with no other option than to look for a job and he found one in a mortuary. The first day on the job, the corpse of a young lady was brought in. She died from a terrible car accident. Inexperienced, he quickly laid her on the table and worked on her before closing for the day. In the bus on his way home, he sat next to a young lady with an Amazonian figure. She introduced herself as Nevaeh, they had a brief conversation and he took her home. He had the best sexual experience with her and woke up the next morning to discover she had gone but left a note, promising to return the next evening. Soon, David discovered that the lady coming to visit him was Heaven, the same dead girl from the mortuary. But, is it possible for a ghost to have sex with a human? Find out how their must sensual and electrifying experience culminated to a shattering end.

a collection of eerie stories

I present to you a collection of eerie stories that wasn't written; rather they created themselves, drawing each word from my fingers as I struggled to capture feelings and experiences that wouldn't sleep. The choice of topics in this collection takes the reader across supernatural beliefs of reincarnation and the afterlife, through sexual thoughts of seduction and immorality, and like a fly on the wall, it eavesdropped on higher powers. A Collection Of Eerie Stories also contains "The Earthquake," a true story about Emma - a true believer, who loves God and his father dearly; until a mysterious earthquake rocked his life and world. Will he keep been faithful or lose faith? I must not forget to warn that this collection of stories contains explicit, adult content.

haunted love

Haunted Love - sequel for “Sweet and Sour” is a mysterious, paranormal, romantic and suspense-filled erotica, set in the contemporary Nigerian society about Alex. How he went from a sinner to a man of God and the battles in-between. It began with Alex moving to Lagos after the death of his father in search of a better life. He is to live with Aunt Uka, the younger sister to his dead father. On the first day of his arrival, he meets Philomena, their housemaid. It was a magical moment and swiftly things went into an erotic and mysterious spin for both of them. Two months after so much sexual adventures, Alex travels back to pay his mother a visit and there he had a dream about a sexual exploit with a mermaid that ended quite badly for him. On his way back to the big city, he meets Vivian, a prophetess. She told him of his dream and suggests he could be dealing with a spiritual wife but Alex refuses to believe for he was already head over heels in lust with Philomena. He got home to meet the greatest shock of his life. Uncle Philip, husband to his aunt was having sex with Philomena. Filled with rage and disgust, he attacked his Uncle with an empty wine bottle, only to uncover the unexpected. Confused and heartbroken, he rushes back to Pastor Vivian; who moulds him into a man of the cloth. He quickly becomes a threat to the kingdom of darkness, and they will do just anything to get rid of him, including sending their agents to seduce him. Will they succeed?


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