Amaka Victory Mbaegbu

Books by Amaka Victory Mbaegbu

satire (a collection of short stories)

Just as the title suggests, this book is a collection of short stories that ridicules contemporary ills in a typical African society intended at provoking change while entertaining the reader. It has a total number of six(6) stories of unequal length. Some of the stories are divided into two (2) parts. The stories are captivating and will leave the reader hungry for more. The narration is done in a way that the reader can identify and connect easily with the characters. The ending of the stories is uniquely done that the reader is left with the choice of predicting the conclusion or deciding the fate of the character(s) involved.

handling teens: my experience as a teacher

Teachers teaching teenagers in this dispensation sometimes can be clueless about what to do with them and why they act the way they do. There is a need to understand these teens so that a teacher, mentor, coach, or parent would be equipped with skills on how to handle them. This book is written by a teacher who has many years of experience especially with handling teenagers. She also has recorded huge success seen in behavioral change, purpose discovery and pursuit, confidence boost, etc of her teenagers. What she has learned and her strategies are what she documented in this book. It is a must-read for every teacher, mentor, and a parent whose job is to teach, mentor and parent teenagers.


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