Areta Nwosu

Areta Nwosu has spent more than twenty years in the fashion and style business. She has designed clothes for her fashion business and has exhibited these clothes in fashion shows. She’s also a writer. She has been writing short stories and novels ever since she was old enough to write. This is her first non-fiction work. Her first novel titled Legacy of Strength was published by Spectrum Books PLC, Nigeria and it was one of six books nominated for the Pat Utomi Book Prize in Lagos, Nigeria. Legacy of Strength is available in bookstores across the country. The Last Warrior Queen is Areta’s second published novel. Her recent books in the popular Sons of Zik Series (Pool Party, An Unexpected Match; Secrets, Scandals, Desire) have been well-received. Areta spends her days reading, writing, working and doing a lot of traveling... But for now, she’s based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Books by Areta Nwosu

pool party

Although Kurt Achike is engaged to Abomeli, he’s still not sure she’s the one Leke Achike flew in from Kenya to attend the party and support Kurt but instead ends up mediating in some family drama and conducting a unique job interview. Jon Achike-Scott is on vacation and wants to have fun but his ex-wife, Valentina aka Sister Do Good, keeps nagging him and he can’t stop thinking about an old flame. Toke Achike believes he’s reformed, no more cheating on his wife for him… until he sets his eyes on delectable Towumi, Abomeli’s friend. This party can’t be a simple, boring event. Not when Zik and his four sons are the hosts…

an unexpected match

Big-hearted divorcee matchmaker, Farida Yusuf has a job to do. Find a match for her prestigious client: Kurt Achike, a half-Nigerian, half-German god with curly hair and a dimpled, bad boy smile. Kurt is of royal blood, first of the four heart-stoppingly attractive sons of infamous and controversial Zik Achike. There's no doubt that he is the kind of man most women would want. There's just one tiny problem. Kurt has a habit of breaking engagements. Nicknamed the Breaker of Hearts by the public, Kurt has broken off engagements to two women. And now he needs Farida's help. Farida has to find him a girlfriend, even though just the thought of him empties her lungs of air and leaves her breathless. But how will she ever be able to introduce him to another woman when she wants him for herself? Plus: adventures and scandals of the four infamous sons of Zik, a dog-napping, an illegitimate baby on the way, family secrets, a boat-trip to a drug kingpin's house and a contract killer named Mr. Nuclear...

bodyshape intelligence for busy professional women

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought? This hairstyle makes my face look fat I hate how my makeup makes me look old and tired The color of this blouse makes me look washed out I hate the way this dress looks on me What You Will Learn from this Book: The secret to choosing the clothing, makeup, underwear that will make you always look younger, slimmer and taller. Your body shape and what are the right types of clothing that will fit your shape. The simple exercises you can do right now to achieve the body shape you desire. The best way you can make up your particular face shape and look stunning all the time. How you can use underwear to give you the body shape you desire. How you can make extra income from the comfort of your home as an image consultant. Busy professional women should read this book because: If you're interested in a new job or a promotion, this book will teach you what you need to do to change your image and make yourself stand out from the competition in the eyes of your boss or potential employer. If you're in the entertainment business and you can learn to create a style for yourself based on your unique brand without having to pay out huge sums of money to fashion stylists. Applying the skills you acquire from this book can help you attract the attention of a new lover.

how to dress to impress

What's your body shape? Do you know? In this book, you'll learn how to identify your particular body shape. You'll find out if you're a pear, an hourglass, an apple, a wedge or a straight. You'll also learn the tips on the right way to dress your body shape; including the style of jeans and wedding dresses you should wear. How can clothing help or mar your career? How can you dress for success? This book will teach you how. Finally, in this book, you'll be given a roadmap to a career as a makeover consultant, image consultant or a personal shopper and you'll learn how to make money using your skills.


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