Asuku Ismail

Books by Asuku Ismail

the nothing

You don’t believe in monsters? They are real. And they believe in you. This is a semi true life Story about a boy that goes to school in a suburban town. Only that the town has its mysteries. Whatever you do, do not go out at night because Nothing exist after midnight. The boy will be thrown into a fast paced struggle for survival against a supernatural entity that will posses everyone in the town. This is set to be the most African thrilling supernatural story ever. Warning readers discretion is advised.

me my friends and the others

Adigun found a girl in the bush. She and other children have been missing for days. The girl will tell the story about her escape and also the identity of her captor. Adigun found a girl that has been missing for days. Only if he knew that finding the girl will lead to his imminent death. Only if he knew that finding the girl will lead to the end of the world. Maybe he would have left her where he found her. Or better yet, send her away. But Adigun is a brave and honest young man. He will promise the girl safety and the whole world will pay the price... Warning: The content of this book is only for the open minded. Do not read if you are not strong at heart. When you read, do not discuss it. This is the most extraordinary tale you have ever read. Readers discretion Advised


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