Austin Jane

My name is Onime Jane Efe, A Mass Communication Student of University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. Austin Jane Efe became my pen name about 2years ago when I realised writing was a voice and therapy for me. I write mostly about young girls, their pain and hunger to be heard. Also I love telling stories about teenagers by revealing their perspectives about life and situations that affect their decisions. Dance in Darkness is my first book. My inspiration are usually from real life stories of people especially the one's untold from my angle. I hope that my poems and writings help people realize that they are not alone in their situations and that it shouldn't be a limitation to them or their dreams. You can follow me on Instagram @Austinjaneefe and Twitter @Efe writes black I also a scriptwriter, a fine artist and very passionate about filming and creative production.

Books by Austin Jane

dance in the darkness

Life doesn't always play us tunes we love to fill our hearts to. Rather it leaves us to decide our dance. In time, our choices remain our greatest power which reflects in our lives; we become our very own decisions. Dance in Darkness is a collection of poems unleashing the true power of choice and self discovery. It directs our perpective to teenage lifestyle including what affects their decisions. It tells a tale of survival and emotional breakthrough of a young girl and her journey to self discovery.


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