Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe

Books by Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe

the endless journey

What would you be remembered for when you are dead and gone? Or what would you like to be written on your gravestone: "A peace maker" or "A troublemaker." "A good man" or what? Guess what, "Rest In Peace" is not wished for, rather it's planned and worked for."Rest In Peace" is a ceremonial wish and it does not guarantee that you must surely rest in peace when you die, but if you want to rest in peace, it's now you will begin to work for it. Even if all the bishops gather to tell you, "Rest in peace" at your funeral, but you did not live a good life, you will rest in pieces, and not in peace. *The Endless Journey* reminds us that we are in transit. The world is not our home. But let me ask, how old are you? How many more years do you think you still have to live? Deduct the life you have lived from the one you still have to live, then how many more years or days do you think you still have to live? It's very simple mathematics, but this one has no answer because no one has his life in his hands as to know the number of years he has to live. After reading *The Endless Journey*, you will have a rethink, and it will help you to start amending your ways where you are not getting it right. So when do you think you will die? In case you are a designer, I'm not asking you to start designing the grave where you will be buried, but to start designing and amending your life. Where would you spend your eternity when you die?

the school of life

The school of life is a preparatory ground where God prepares us to face life. It's a school the lazy ones would not like to go. Anyone who wants his name to be carved in gold must surely pass through the school of life. Life is full of challenges and it takes the determined mind to survive it. In life, the mountain will introduce you to hill; the hill will introduce you to the rough road which leads to the valley of life; and it's in that would God begin to minister to you, teaching your hand how to make wealth, and how to invent things. Sometimes God would purposely take us to the valley where it would be you and him alone to show you mystery, so that when you come out from the valley, you will combine all the experiences of the mountain, hill, rough road, and that of the valley together so that when you stand to talk in this noisy world people will listen to you because you have something to deliver. The world does not listen to people who complain about their situation, but it gladly listens to those that have solution to the world's problem. As you are facing the challenges of life which is also the school of life, try to find out the reason why God allows you into it. The School Of Life teaches us that life is not a bed of roses.

crushed but not destroyed

One day in your life you will come to a point where the going will get so tough and your prayers may not be answered as you would want them to be answered. It will seem as if the whole world is collapsing on you. Crushed But Not Destroyed reveals that nobody is exempted from the challenges of life, not even Jesus when he was on earth. Even he experienced a crushing moment in his life, and it was at that point that he prayed, ""Father, if it will be possible, let this cup pass away from me."" Crushed But Not Destroyed will help you to understand that when you come to that point, what happens is the will of the Father and not yours. Jesus understood and that was the reason he said ""Let your will be done."" Until you understand that it's the Father's will that will be done, you will keep blaming the situation, looking for someone to blame, or will continue to be living in self pity. Have you been crushed? Are you in it right now? Be assured that come rain, come shine, God will not let you be destroyed.

be still

BE STILL is an inspirational book that brings to our mind that God still cares for his children in this world full of crises of faith and the economic melt down. As a result of the challenges of life, a lot of people are getting worried thinking whether they would survive it. God wants us to be still no matter the situation of the economy or the climatic changes. He knows that worry does not solve problems, but it creates more problems to people. He says that he is with us even till the old age, and Jesus says that he is also with us till the end which means he is still with us when the economy or climatic changes is unfavorable. The book reminds us that Jesus is our peace, and peace is not the absence of war, challenges of life and the likes but trusting God in the storm, unmoved by the things we see or hear, holding on to his Words no matter how long he takes to show up for us.

the right thinking mind

*The Right Thinking Mind* teaches us that every great achievement begins from imagination. You are the product of your thought; and so what are you thinking in your mind? When you have the right mind, you will be having the right thought, but when you have the wrong mind, all your thoughts will be wrong.

the broken vessel

She wanted to please everybody but ended up pleasing no one including herself. She thought there was nothing wrong in drinking like the fish as long as she drinks what the fishes drink but, she did not know that the toad likes water is not when the same water is boiling. If she had known that a man is standing in the middle of the ocean does not make him to call crocodile his friend, she would not live to please anybody. Promise was a gifted child sent to be a blessing to her family, but she had a message to deliver to the god before her destiny would be released. She was given a mysterious vessel to present to the man who would unseal it. The vessel contained a mystery that was not made known to her from the beginning of the journey, but she was warned sternly never to temper with it. Tempering with it meant tempering with her destiny. She was instructed to follow the footprint that would lead her to where she was going. If she must successfully deliver the vessel, she must not pay attention to the side attractions. To reach her destination, she had to walk on the footmark of the man who supposed to receive the vessel, but when she started losing focus due to distractions from the people she met on the way who did not know the importance of the vessel, she forgot the instructions; and the vessel she was told to guard jealously fell from her hands and broke. If she had known the danger of breaking the vessel, she would have protected it just like the way a lioness protects her cubs. The breaking of the vessel was the beginning of her end.

deadly choice

Consumed by the anger of her previous mistake, Esther did not think twice before taking decision that ruined her life. She thought she was on a sweet revenge mission but little did she know she was on a fatal mission. If Esther had known she would not succeed in that mission, she would never engage herself in such dangerous lifestyle. The hunter later became the hunted. Esther died because of the deadly choice she made.


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