Bolaji Olatunde

Bolaji Olatunde is a Nigerian author who lives and works in Abuja. His play, Sacking the Potter was among the three shortlisted plays for the 2016 Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Drama Prize. His second novel, Hang No Clothes Here, was published in August 2017 by Parresia Publishers, Lagos, under its imprint Origami Books. Hang No Clothes Here was shortlisted for the 2018 Association of Nigerian Authors Prose Fiction Prize.

Books by Bolaji Olatunde

sacking the potter

Michael Owoyemi is about to close a multi-million dollar business deal on behalf of his demanding employer. On the Monday morning scheduled for the closure of the deal, Biola Owoyemi, his usually reserved wife, physically restrains him from leaving their Ibadan home, insisting that he must stay at home to protect her and their first and only child, their two-month old son, from unnamed forces keen on snatching their child away from them. Trapped in his own home on a day with serious make-or-mar potential on his career, Michael Owoyemi employs every device he can conjure to resolve the first crisis in his three-year old marriage. With a supporting cast of family and friends, some of his choices lead to a gripping tale of betrayal and mysterious consequences.

straw dogs

Two weeks before China Summit II in June, 1998, a Chinese secret service agent, while fleeing from his American counterparts, accidentally plunges to his death from a window in the presidential bathroom after erroneously decapitating President Bill Clinton's body double during a covert White House break in. The break in was sponsored by a secret Chinese Communist hard-line organization named the "Rose flower Committee" which was founded during China's Cultural Revolution by Madame Mao and a young Chinese officer, Tung Yuk-Kai who had become a Major General by 1998. Disgruntled at America's increasing influence in present day China, the Rose flower Committee had sponsored the break in to discredit the then Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Intensive investigations are quietly launched into the incident on both the American and Chinese sides; publicly, the two governments trade tackles over human rights. Desperate to cover its tracks, the Rose flower Committee implements its most daring mission - an attempted poison gas bombing of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing during a state dinner held in honour of the visiting President Clinton and his wife, a dinner scheduled to have in attendance all of China's top political and economic leaders. Straw Dogs is a tragicomic account of the attempted bombing and its fallout. It is narrated by Shola Dina, a New York-based Nigerian émigré who gets caught up in the intricate web of the Rose flower Committee's plot when he is framed for the murder of an American movie director who unwittingly stumbled upon a tell-tale video recording of a meeting Tung had with a mysterious financial backer. The story has supporting cast of disgruntled angels, celebrities, bumbling secret agents, and the double A, S, an organization which actively seeks United States constitutional guarantee of the rights of "autosexuals" (a word coined by the double A, S which covers all individuals whose sexual preference is masturbation). The antics of the aforementioned parties unwittingly help the Rose flower Committee along in their quest to "free China from America's dominance."

a requiem for daniel fregebo

Chandrapal Sarin, wealthy oil explorer and trader, invites veteran British globe-trotting engineer, David O’Brien to Nigeria, to lure him to join his oil exploration company, Sarinco. Upon arrival in the country, O’Brien and Sarin are abducted in broad daylight on the boisterous streets of Port Harcourt, in the heart of the oil rich Niger Delta. The two men find themselves in the company of Victor Fregebo and Akpo Fregebo, sons of a Niger Delta environmental activist, Daniel Fregebo, who died in mysterious circumstances. During their forced time together in the mangrove swamps in the middle of nowhere, several truths are willingly, and mostly unwillingly, unravelled in this tumultuous story of economic exploitation and revenge. Written at the height of the armed uprising in the Niger Delta in the early 2000s, A Requiem For Daniel Fregebo received commendation from the judges of the BBC International Playwriting Competition 2008/2009 season.


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