Bolatito Adebayo

Bolatito Adebayo is a journalist. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan, and Masters in English Literature from the University of Lagos. She enjoys reading, dancing, and loves to write poems. She lives in Lagos with her husband and children. The Waiting Room is her first book.

Books by Bolatito Adebayo

the waiting room.

Nkechi, Yeni, and Tale all want the same thing: children of their own. But with each passing year, their dreams turn into nightmares of a future they never anticipated. Infertility is the unwanted guest in their homes, mocking all their efforts and feeding on their misery. But these three women are fighters. They will not stop or back down – no power is too heavy and no strangeness too unacceptable in their quest. The Waiting Room is a place of unusual strength and courage.


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