C.M. Okonkwo

C. M. Okonkwo is a Nigerian author who grew up in Lagos and moved to France to study, where she obtained a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Management, an M.Sc. in Personnel and Employment Management, and an advanced M.Sc. in International HR Management and Development. A lover of travel and tourism, her writing ideas and style are inspired by experiences gained in different countries she has lived in and visited. Her best genres are action-packed mystery, suspense, thriller and detective. She writes in various genres ranging from thriller, to erotica, to literary/realistic fiction, to romance, to mystery, to a general "suspense" genre. Her writing goal being diversity, she is still exploring other genres, including fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. Her short story titled "Invisible Daddy" won the Africa Book Club Short Story Competition in July 2014, her novel "Twenty-One Days" is listed as #3 of the 50 Best Indie Books of 2015 at the Indie Author Land, and her novella "All That Glitters" was a Top 5 finalist in the 2018 Quramo Writers' Prize.

Books by C.M. Okonkwo

black box

An Ideas Box is proposed during a Market Knowledge session in a company. But the box goes missing because it is believed to contain much more than ideas. Who has the Ideas Box and why? But the main question is: What is really in the box?

blocked door (angela hunter #4)

The police have barely started to watch a list of suspects and targets when another body is found behind a blocked door. It is now certain that someone is indeed after everyone involved in the Closed Door mystery. The detectives get caught up in another race to find who is behind the mystery and stop whoever it is.

closed door (angela hunter #1)

Frustrated because of a constantly closed door in her house, Angela eventually opened it and the heart-wrenching discovery left her speechless. The detectives assigned to the mysterious discovery dug deep into it, and their investigation led to something bigger.

finding love

Finding love wasn't easy for Samantha, but when love finally came to her, it suddenly vanished... so she teamed up with a Private Investigator and went to find it back.

jammed door (angela hunter #2)

After Angela saw what she thought was a body under Father Paul’s desk, she passed out. When she woke up, she realized the detectives had seen something else under the desk... Nothing! But Angela’s persistence made Detectives Slaughter and Pruitt come together again to solve the jammed-door mystery.

locked door (angela hunter #3)

The detectives believe that someone is out for those involved in the closed-door mystery, so they try to stay ahead of the game. But after another body is found behind a locked door, it changes the whole game entirely.

not a word

Dare suspects his wife of cheating and seeks counsel from his friends for a solution. He comes up with a plan to catch her red-handed, but what he discovers is way more than he expected.

the other face

A couple is troubled by their daughter’s erratic behaviour, but have no clue what is causing it. With help, they finally get to the bottom of the problem, which comes with a shocking revelation.

shared door (angela hunter #5)

After a double hit at the prison, the police finally apprehend those responsible for the crimes, and during a series of interrogations and confessions, they discover who is pulling the strings... someone they least expect. Now they must dig deeper to get to the bottom of the mystery in time to prevent the last two targets from getting killed.

ziora's surprise

Ziora received a distressing phone call, causing her to leave her house in a hurry. But when she returned home, she was welcomed by a few unexpected events.

all that glitters

*Quramo Writers' Prize 2018 Finalist* After almost ten years of trying, Kora and her husband, Timothy finally get the child they have always prayed for, but there is something amiss with the child. Kora is convinced that she would take the dark secret to her grave, and was doing so until fifteen years later when the truth threatened to reveal itself and disrupt her life. With nothing else to lose, she must undo the past at all costs to save herself, even if it means destroying the lives of others.

the whistling swing

A neighbourhood is disturbed by a whistling sound at night and concerned residents are going missing. The nonchalance of the landlord towards finding a solution raises Jerry's suspicion and forces him to identify the source of the noise and put a stop to it. Jerry must battle with the strange happenings around him to get to the bottom of the case, but first, he needs to figure out what’s real and what’s unreal.

dim noo abroad (desperate women series, 1)

Welcome to the Eastern part of Nigeria, where obtaining a university degree and landing a good job are not the only ambitions of the young women in this unique community. They have vowed to do whatever it takes to find a husband. And not just any type of husband, but one who lives abroad.

yankee based wives (desperate women series, 2)

The young women from "Dim Noo Abroad" are back, and this time around, they have vowed to get husbands living nowhere else, but in the United States of America.

twenty one days

When Oluomachukwu decided to return to Nigeria to serve her country by registering for the National Youth Service Corps —NYSC— scheme, she didn’t know what to expect. Her first experiences in Lagos, coupled with her personal life issues and activities in camp left her doubting her decision to sign up. But barely two weeks into the programme, she realised that the NYSC scheme had more to offer her.

king of alammiri

When King Ifeanyimuo the great dies before his time, he leaves behind a daughter, Adaeze from his late wife, and many more daughters from his concubines, as well as an empty throne, because it is against the laws of the land to have a female ruler. According to tradition, the leaders of the four regions of the kingdom must provide a male candidate for the throne, and only the one who passes the test of the head and the hand, that is, wisdom and strength, shall be crowned King of Alammiri. Would Adaeze be willing to do whatever it takes to change the tradition?

thirteen suspects

A young Nigerian student was found dead in his London city studio. Detectives Christina King and Richard Gailor interrogated everyone that had contact with him on the night he was killed. All of them were cleared, except thirteen particular suspects, each with intriguing stories and secret motives.

the xith hour

Life seemed perfect for Twil Jeafi, until he suddenly woke up with a type of amnesia. Things got even weirder when he received an anonymous phone call from a lady assumed to be his sister. With some help, he tracked down the mysterious caller and he discovered the unbelievable.

eight days to live

A lab worker sees her passion to help find a cure to the deadly coronavirus Covid-19 cut short when she is laid off due to the pandemic ravaging the world and its negative effect on the economy. But when someone close to her contracts the disease with approximately eight days to live, she decides to do whatever it takes to save the person’s life, even if it means lying, stealing and going against authority. Would she achieve her goal in the end? Or would it all be in vain?

like never before

Chiny, Nigerian, car sales executive, single; David, British, actor, in an on and off relationship, meet in the beautiful city of Nice, in France. Their relationship is born on a Mediterranean Sea boat tour and blossoms into a summer affair. Months later, Chiny contacts David with news that promises to bring them together but threatens to change their lives forever.

mama it's me

A realistic fiction novel of the before life. It captures a baby's journey from womb to world, told from the point of view of the baby, who narrates the story.

voices inside your head

Obliged to self-isolate, in response to the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the stay-at-home order is the best thing to ever happen to you until you cannot take it anymore. Somewhere in between, the lives inside your head have found the perfect time to let their voices be heard, by you.

keep or kill

Kiki, code named “The Cuttist,” is a member of an organization of assassins called the Mirror People. Kiki has never failed a mission, but when her next target happens to be the man of her dreams, she must decide to either keep or kill him. Any choice she makes comes with a consequence. *** This book was inspired by a 2019 Wattpad short story contest, in which a series of titles were given to write a story. “Don’t Close Your Eyes” won first place, but all twenty-four titles were used to develop this book, each either limited to four hundred words or a drabble.


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