Chidi Ojiaku

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rising to the top

Life is ignited by imagination, animated by faith and sustained by one’s desire to be the best at what he/she does. Your fall today does not determine where you will be tomorrow because falling is only but rising turned upside down. All you need do is, work towards turning your fall upside down so as to be at the top. This can only be achieved here on earth because you have just one life to live here without any room for experiment. I have always believed that in every man, lies all he/ she needs to become the MR., MRS., or MISS. Great they desire to be on earth. All anyone needs is to discover and put in place those abilities God has deposited in them. In this Book, you will come in contact with clearly stated principles that will help you to keep moving until you get to that great height, which you desire. The results you get thereafter solely depend on your zeal to rise to the top.


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