Chidinma Chikwe

Chidinma Chikwe is a Nigerian Author, Sexual and Gender-based Violence Advocate, Speaker and Entrepreneur who unashamedly and authentically shares her truth, journey and message with the world in a bid to inspire hope and resilience. Chidinma's experience of child sexual abuse birthed a passion for development and her writing brings to bear the fact that people would sometimes want to see themselves in between the lines of your own story in order to trust you with theirs. She loves to serve humanity, network and finds volunteering to be a useful tool for social change. She is also given to lending her voice to issues that concern the development, empowerment, and protection of children, women, young people and abuse survivors with Sustainable Development Goals 5, 4 and 16 glaring through her work.

Books by Chidinma Chikwe

recolour: a girl's journey through abuse, brokenness and resilience

Recolour, is a gift to every child, parent, caregiver and survivor. It chronicles the lived reality of child sexual abuse, the struggle and triumphs thereafter.


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