Chigozie Mbadugha

Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha is a Nigerian writer and ophthalmologist. Chigozie wrote her first unpublished novel at the age of six and has been writing poems, scripts, short stories, and songs since then, mainly for leisure. One of her poems, “The New Yam Festival,” won second prize in a nationwide poetry competition in 1983. She was the recipient of the silver prize at the Kanagawa World Biennial Children’s art competition in Japan in 1987. Her debut publication - a collection of short stories titled Beyond the Trial was awarded the Samuel Ajayi Crowther prize in 2017. She has written six children’s books to date and hopes to write more books before her hyperactive muses grow up. When Chigozie is not performing eye surgeries, she tries to write “eye-popping” fiction, listen to music, and spend quality time with her family.

Books by Chigozie Mbadugha

rude awakening

Afam and Nkechi Emecheta have been married for over a decade. They are planning to go on holiday with their three sons when disaster strikes. Afam is killed in a road traffic accident throwing Nkechi into early widowhood and grief that she is unprepared for. Nkechi expects her husband’s family to share in her grief, but they are more interested in a share of his property- A Rude Awakening. The need to be strong and present for her children keeps her going. For twelve years, no member of the Emecheta family has reached out to Nkechi and the children. The only person she has a desire to talk to is her mother-in-law- Mama Omalicha. She reunites with the family reluctantly at Mama Omalicha's burial. Rude Awakening is a story about betrayal, forgiveness, friendship and love.

a visit to grandma and grandpa

Grandpa Ernest visits Eze and his twin sister Ebele in Lagos. He has an eye operation, and even though Eze wants to help by putting eye drops in Grandpa’s eye, he is not allowed to. Ebele entertains Grandpa with her ballet dance and exercise moves. The twins enjoy the stories Grandpa tells them about their mummy’s childhood. Mummy wasn’t always good when she was a little girl. Like them, she had her naughty days too. Grandpa travels home after recovering a bit from his operation, and the twins miss him very much. An opportunity comes for Eze and Ebele to visit Grandpa in the village with their parents. They are excited and happy that they will see Grandpa and Grandma again. They love the experience of travelling by air to another state in Nigeria. They enjoy the sights and sounds of the trip. Eze and Ebele enjoy eating Grandma’s food. They think her food tastes better than their mummy’s cooking, but Mummy doesn’t mind them saying so.

erased reproach

Funke craved acceptance from her peers. She finally got it. She naively believed all she was told and taught about social life and being a big girl...that was till she got pregnant. Exiled from home and living under the close watch of her grandmother, can Funke summon the courage to complete her education while struggling to raise her son? Is this the end of the road for her dreams?

shadows from the past

A family’s past is haunting its members in Shadows From the Past and it’s Ada’s responsibility to help her siblings overcome the consequences of their past experience of domestic violence before it destroys their present

beyond the trial

Beyond the Trial is an award winning collection of three novellas - Shadows From the Past, Erased Reproach and Rude Awakening. The novellas celebrate the resilience and grit of their female protagonists - Ada, Funke, and Nkechi as they surmount challenges and forge new territories. Their trials (domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, and early widowhood) are, sadly, familiar to many, their response to them is a call to fortitude and strength of character to face life's punches because they will come. They always do.


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