Chigozie Mbadugha

Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha is a Nigerian writer and ophthalmologist. Chigozie wrote her first unpublished novel at the age of six and has been writing poems, scripts, short stories, and songs since then, mainly for leisure. One of her poems, “The New Yam Festival,” won second prize in a nationwide poetry competition in 1983. She was the recipient of the silver prize at the Kanagawa World Biennial Children’s art competition in Japan in 1987. Her debut publication - a collection of short stories titled Beyond the Trial was awarded the Samuel Ajayi Crowther prize in 2017. She has written six children’s books to date and hopes to write more books before her hyperactive muses grow up. When Chigozie is not performing eye surgeries, she tries to write “eye-popping” fiction, listen to music, and spend quality time with her family.

Books by Chigozie Mbadugha

kitty stops being afraid

Kitty Kat is a little kitten who is afraid of nearly everything including mice. Strong winds, sudden noise, and shadows make Kitty afraid. She is so afraid that she often stays awake while her family sleeps. Her brother Tabby is strong, bold, and fearless. Kitty asks Tabby to tell her why he is so bold and how she can be like him. Tabby tells Kitty that he used to be like her. She finds it difficult to believe Tabby. He offers to show her that she does not need to be afraid. With Tabby's help and support Kitty learns to overcome her fears.


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