Chude Arinze Timothy

Books by Chude Arinze Timothy

power filled thoughts for successful living

Power filled thoughts for successful living is a book written to renew or alter the mental attitude of persons who finds it hard to see the brighter side of life. It is a book written to challenge and inspire people to see possibilities in life’s impossibilities. It is also a book written to provoke one to tough actions, to break chains of self limiting thoughts, and fill ones psyche with positive thoughts to become a definition of outstanding success in life.

no dream is too big

No dream is too big is a book written to make the reader irresistible, uncontrollable, unbeatable and unstoppable! This book has what it takes to recreate, reactivate, rebrand, and repackage the reader. It also has what it takes to open the mind of the reader to live his life in full knowing that his place is the top and launch himself into greatness. No dream is too big is a book that will remind the reader that he has dynamite inside of him that can blow down mountains. It will also remind the reader that the faith he possess is a general purpose machine gun that can bring down walls hindering his lifting up and create for him an independent nation that is free of doubt, anxiety, confusion, frustration, rejection, defeat, abject poverty, and disgrace. With this faith he will see progress and accomplishments, and will no longer live his life based on the limits people have set for him.


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