Dickson Ekhaguere is a prolific writer, playwright, children book writer, Voice-Over expert and an entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of Benin, He was 16 when his first work was published by Best Solution Books, Akure ondo state. His foremost publication "UNSTABLE " gained its share of prominence after emerging winner of the 2015 Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Award, coupled with its acceptance by variegated academic institutions. In July 2017, UNSTABLE premiered on stage at the prestigious Muson Centre Lagos, featuring a stellar cast of theatre veterans such as Tina Mba, Ropo Eweala, Segun Dada, etc and Directed by the award winning stage Director, Ben Tomoloju. In that same year (2017), his work titled GENERAL OLOGBOSERE, emerged 2nd runner-up in the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) award. Again in 2018, Dickson Ekhaguere's UNSTABLE was long listed in Nigeria's most prestigious award, the NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature. His children's book Titled "A BRAVE GIRL CALLED MALALA", was listed among books read at the Green Festival of the 2018 Lagos State Book and Arts Festival. NIGERIAN SUPERHEROES as written by Dickson is part of his efforts to bring to forefront of our national discourse, terms like patriotism, nationalism and unity, as well as the need for young people to become even more responsible Nigerians. Since 2016, Dickson has served as a volunteer writer in a devotional publishing company, reaching over 40,000 young people daily across the world with his motivational and spirit lifting contents. Dickson is a strong believer in a better Nigeria. He is the Director of operations and creative services at Tryspect Solutions (a writing, publishing and voice over company).



UNSTABLE follows the story of a King, King Ido, who goes into an atypical affair with a rejected village harlot, Esewi. An angry mob had dragged Esewi before King Ido to be banished, instead, the king shields Esewi in his palace and in an unexpected turn of event, he falls in love with her. The villagers and chiefs are angered by this “thoughtless” move and make several attempts to discourage the King; but he is not ready to cave into the pressure from within his inner circle or from his subjects, and proceeds to make her his wife and queen. Although now a queen, Esewi is unable to reign in her promiscuity. She is caught again and again in adulterous acts on farms and bushes with village men. When the villagers think this is enough to provoke the King’s ire for her, contrary to their thinking, this constant incident is not enough to quench the embers of the King’s unconditional love for her. It gets even worse when her sexual escapades sees her fall into the snare of a rival neighbouring King and tyrant, who seizes her and ask for an invaluable ransom from King Ido before she could be released to him. It’s a catch-22 for king Ido. Now he is caught between paying a steep price that may cost him everything, including his throne; or lose his precious Queen whom he gave his word to wrestle even the gods for her. What will he do or not do for love?

nigerian superheroes

Brace yourself for a supernatural adventure with superheroes not before now known. Heroes from Nigeria, strengthened by the Nigerian Spirit and hoping to do the extraordinary things only made possible by superpowers. Three boys; Nedu, Sadiq and Kola have an indescribable encounter with a supernatural being; she is the Spirit of Nigeria. This extraordinary encounter according to the spirit owes chiefly to the fact that the three boys have believed in Nigeria with an unwavering faith; also that they have been charitable to others in the face of their individual travail as children from very poor homes. She bestows on them superpowers by which they were to embark on and execute supernatural tasks. Tasks that see them experience unimaginable encounters with the worst kinds, yet victoriously. But sooner than they had started recording significant successes did they begin to crave the need to use their newly found superpowers for personal gains; especially because of their individual needs. These self-seeking desires will later lead to a sudden loss of their superpowers right in the middle of a precarious battle. What happens next will determine the height and extent of their bravery. Now, they must learn the true meaning of heroism, patriotism and responsibility, or face imminent fatal defeat.


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