David Olumuyiwa

David Olufunsho Olumuyiwa is a freelance writer and a blogger. He has been writing professionally since 2012, good at content and creative writing. David is a graduate of Physics with Electronics from Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun State and has a master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from University of East London, United Kingdom. He started his own blog called Daviscorna Blog (www.daviscorna.com) in 2016 and own a Facebook group of over 2k members titled ‘Statements of Admonition’ which have been in operation for over three years. David will be publishing the hard copy of his recent book (Man: The Principal focus of Existence) soonest and inspired to write several motivational books tending toward having a better generation. David currently lives in Ogba, Lagos.

Books by David Olumuyiwa

man: the principal focus of existence

The society at large has significantly overthrown the core focus of existence. From time memorial, it is often said that God has given the world unto Man, but in today’s world, the reverse is the case. Men have failed to realize their true self, their flaws and limitation, as well as the role they are to play in maintaining absolute tranquillity amongst themselves on earth. Several have regretted their existence and place the blame on their parent and country of birth. There are eleven chapters in this book, which seek to expound the understanding which have been buried in Man and to assist them in coming to their true potential as God has destined. We are filled with virtues, talents, potentials yet never realize ten percent of it, neither do we even know what to do when it comes. This book will go to show how important God’s role is in fulfillment of destiny of a Man.

parental influence on youths: a necessity or not?

The book is inspired by the current trend in the world, dated back to 2012 during my master’s degree study, where I was privilege to meet several youths as well as analyse the difficulties they face with living away from home for advance study. One of the major issues was their inability to retain a positive etiquette due to peer pressure and worries and exposure of life. I was able to deduce from my research, that Parent has a crucial role to play, in ensuring their lads are brought up rightly and stick by the precepts they are accustomed to. There are views laid via each chapter on the roles of Parent, friends, society amongst others and how Parent shouldn’t give up still, on the current state of their children regardless of the damage impact on ground. Parent will always remain the first point of contact to their offspring’s emotions on turning a new leave for a better and brighter generation.


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