Dele Omolaolu

Dele Omolaolu is a writer who’s best known for writing fiction. His works are centrally based on promoting the societal values. Through his writing skill, he is able to effectively connect both the old and new generation, therefore his works are suited for people of all ages. He also creates humour for the readers’ delight and satisfaction. He is a graduate of the University of Ibadan.

Books by Dele Omolaolu

the good & the ugly

The story is about an old blacksmith named Iyiola who did much havoc (educationally) to his two children through his ignorance. This family was a stranger in a village called Adegun which was blessed with coal deposit. Formal education was introduced to Adegun very late and when it finally came, the socio-economic state of the village was transformed by a three-man team of its brilliant and successful first set of graduates. With their education, these youth succeeded in touching the lives of their people positively. However, due to greed and unguarded social lifestyle, they ended up denting the social values of the same community as laid down by their elders. This resulted in a face-off between the elders and the three, a situation which led to a total lawlessness among the entire youths in the community. The situation was however brought under control by Iyiola’s son who chose rather to be obedient to authorities and to God.

a start from the end

This is a play, a tragicomedy. The story centers around a lazy and troublesome middle-aged man called Akanji who spends most of his days drinking palm wine with his close friend Karimu. His next-door neighbor, Iya-Agba was a nuisance to him as the woman always seem to call his bluff anytime. Akanji later met his waterloo when he decided to settle down with a lady who at first took him for a rich man. In order to maintain his authority at home, he got involved in ritual money which backfired as he later broke the rules laid down by the herbalist. This was because Akanji’s wife, being a former lover to Akanji’s driver, unknown to Akanji, continued the love affair under his roof. Though the secret was later revealed, he was helpless about the situation as his wife threatened to expose the secret behind his riches. This made him break the rule laid down by the herbalist which resulted in his blindness. He was later assisted by Iya-Agba who led him to a cleric that helped in restoring his sight and who warned him not to go close to any of his ill-gotten wealth again. Disobedience to this warning led to the death of his close friend Karimu, his wife, his mother-in-law and his driver. The story teaches about hard work.


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