Dr. Compreca Martin

Compreca C. Martin, Ph.D., currently teaches Health care Management, Medical Specialties, Social & Behavioral Applications of Theory in Public Health, and works as an Associate Dean. Her educational background is a Doctor of Health Administration, Master’s in Business and Healthcare Management, and an undergraduate degree in Healthcare Administration. She has produced a number of professional, peer-reviewed publications, and professional presentations. Compreca finds compassion in motivating and inspiring individuals to accomplish their goals. Compreca strives to make a difference in the community by helping young women and men find their talents and maximize in building their self –esteem and self-confidence.

Books by Dr. Compreca Martin

is life worth becoming the woman in heels

This novel is based on a true story. It is about the life of a young woman growing up in the North Suburbs of Chicago, IL. She shares her experiences from the 80’s and describes in detail the challenges she faced as a teenager. The author explains how her path became inundated by several influential women and how each one helped her to become an influential leader.


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