Eberechi Bessie Donalds

Books by Eberechi Bessie Donalds

at crossroads

23-years old Josephine is married to David, who is twice her age. Marriage life is not all it promised at the inception of their love journey. Torn between her depressing love life and feelings of lack of self accomplishment, Josephine falls deeply into the snare of adultery and self-deceitful life. What will be the consequences of her poor life choices and what does she learn on her topsy turvy journey through life?

beyond the limit

30 years old Jummy has gotten more than her fair share of life's troubles. after losing her mother at birth and finally orphaned by the death of her father at age 10, she's left at the hands of her abusive uncle and wicked step-family. after numerous sufferings and heartbreaks, she finally meets Adesoji, her childhood crush who is the definition of perfection. she is set to marry the love of her life and will finally have a family and a home of her own. but...all is not what it seems. BEYOND THE LIMIT is a contemporary thriller that narrates the perilous journey of a woman whose unwavering christian course becomes her undoing, a counselor who became the counseled, a friend who got betrayed, a childless woman who endured her toxic marriage, but found true love at strangest of places. through the peaks and troughs that marks Jummy's experiences, she shares her ordeals from her prison cell as the height of her sufferings climaxed in leaving her shattered and broken,...BEYOND THE LIMIT.


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