Ejiro Nicholas Giwewhegbe

Ejiro Nicholas Giwewhegbe was born on December 4th, 1994 in pleateau state Nigeria, into a family of 7. His genre of works revolves around fantasy and mystery. Ejiro's first novel, Fire the vision of the hunchbacked man was released in 2020.

Books by Ejiro Nicholas Giwewhegbe

fire the vision of the hunchbacked man

A fire goddess defies her time in the circle of life and she's struck down to a time of conflict of territories between warlocks practicing the darkest arts, common tribes, the lawless barbarian army and the military. She searches for paradise on the surface but must ally with the survivers of the air tribe in her quest, to fight their wars and contend with her flesh if she wants to reach the golden gates before the others.

jane - getting paid with music was my plan

Somto Duru is a forty three year old screwed-up, broken musician and a NICOTINE DEPENDANT who has failed at everything. After his mother died, he returns to the village and gets obsessed about Marycynthia a girl in the church choir which gets him on a desperation roller coaster. His part crosses with Justice Anuoluwabamise Nathaniel Ereadura, JANE, a ten year old boy with APHASIA who is endowed with a melodic and tuneful voice. They embark on a risky journey with many twists and turns to the city into the unknown, with grand expectations at the end of the tunnel.


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