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going global (when leaving nigeria becomes an absolute necessity)

Going Global (When Leaving Nigeria becomes an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY) is a book that SPEAKS to PRACTICAL steps Nigerians who have made themselves VALUABLE can ADOPT as a STRATEGY in relocating to the United States. Nigeria as a political and economic SOCIETY is in the THRESHOLD and things are not getting any better due to the MILKING of our COLLECTIVE Wealth by the Political Class who shares no sentiments in making the economy better for hard working Nigerians. The book doesn't JUST SPEAK to RELOCATING; it also SPEAKS to our PATRIOTIC DUTY as Nigerians to ensure we can BUILD COMPETENCE, CAPACITY and the FINANCIAL MUSCLE to drive CHANGE in Nigeria. The BOOK also lays HOLD of a LONG TERM STRATEGY that can see those who RELOCATE and those ALREADY in the Western World building a UNIFIED STRATEGY to how Nigerians in Diaspora can DRIVE Investment and Growth BACK in Nigeria. The book isn't TARGETED at INDIVIDUALS with a MIND-SET that the United States has all the ANSWERS to their PROBLEMS rather the BOOK is targeted at INDIVIDUALS who have created VALUE for themselves in Nigeria and HOPE to DERIVE same value for themselves in a better SOCIETY that appreciates and recognizes VALUE. As you read the BOOK, kindly bear in mind we are CREATING A COMMUNITY of Nigerians UPON WHOSE SHOULDERS the ECONOMIC FORTUNES of our COUNTRY WILL COME TO RELY ON. We will make Nigeria into what it SHOULD be in the NEAR FUTURE... Thank you for READING THIS BOOK.


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