Emem Bassey

Emem Bassey loves romance in all its forms. She writes what she calls a hybrid romance - love stories with bits and pieces of other genres, definitely with a plus size heroine. She discovered the joys of writing at age 17 and hasn't stopped since. She staunchly believes the world is filled with tragedy, so she writes to entertain and lighten the heart. Emem lives at Uyo, Akwa Ibom state and is basically a ghost to her neighbours.

Books by Emem Bassey

a tycoon and circumstance

Casmir Otong and Louisa Ndon both have baggage they aren't sharing. Casmir was never happy in his marriage and still wasn't happy even after his wife's death. Louisa knows no peace for want of revenge on a thug who killed her father. Desperate circumstances bring them together, twice and they are inseparable after that. Casmir is willing to help Louisa even though she's pregnant with another man's child. Louisa holds on to a secret a moment too long and looses everything. Tinged with hot, passionate love scenes. A definite happy ever after of bad leading to good.

the duct series

Duct simply means a channel. And a channel conveys things whether in waves, liquid or solid forms. The Duct Series have stories of romance and love conveyed or made possible through criminal events. The main characters of this romance fest had crime as the duct to their happy endings. Crime connected and strengthened their love!

the unromantic series

Akan and Rose meet in the weirdest of circumstances. Rose had been struggling with the weight of her ex's large TV and hadn't minded where she'd been going when Akan hit her. He rushes her to the hospital but ends up spending the hours left till midnight with her. Akan's convinced that she's mentally unstable, yet can't understand why he couldn't get her off his mind two months after that night. Rose only had a few people she could trust, her late parents not included. It's a tight circle, yet, the man she only knew as Prude had made an impression; a man who called her Hurricane. There's no romance between this two, only elemental emotions.

shots fired

Rita needed to befriend any management staff of Global Press Limited to get to the owner of the company. It didn't matter who. It should have been a simple situation of using an unsuspecting person, but then she met the new Branch Manager - melanin, drool worthy, Benjamin Inyang. Ben was good at ignoring crass women who flirted without dignity. Rita Ukara was supposed to be one of such, despite being an insanely smart, annoying pest whose height reached only to his chest. But he caught himself wondering if her hair was naturally long or artificial, also, how would it feel when he plunged his hands into it or, perhaps, grabbed her wide, curvy hips?

once upon a christmas eve

“Stop me anytime you want. Call it off anytime you feel you can’t go forward with it. I will not be angry. This is just an experience amazing women like you should have once in a life time.” Eno Joshua is having a bad night at work and makes a wish she didn’t really mean. Or did she? When Edifon Etti returns into her life, four years after a steamy night in a hotel room she’d rather forget, everything goes faster than she can control. Others get steamier than she expected once upon a Christmas Eve.

fair odds

How did one go from not noticing a person for two whole years to being obsessed in a few weeks? Darius Udeng should have only been concerned about the devious, yet unknown, competitor trying to discredit his top notch security company; threatening, so far, the biggest deal Secure Inc. has ever had.. However, a chance encounter where his secretary kissed him thinking he was a stranger had him tying her to him with a contract as his mistress for a month. As the deadline approached, Darius felt reluctant letting Nsikan go even as he suspected she’d been selling out client details to the competitor.

aunty vero (ubiak etto series #1)

Veronica is a visitor at Ubiak-Etto. She knows this when her boyfriend of many years leaves her for an eighteen year old girl and everyone turns on her as though she’s the one that cheated. And when, months later, she unwittingly walks into the macabre masquerade tradition that no one had warned her about. Her hero is the highest masquerade of the land; the looming beast has to do the unthinkable to save her from the others. Is it still terrible if tingles of pleasure shoot through her body? Warning: This is a weird insta-love story with a guaranteed HEA. If you love weird, heart thumping, pant melting romance that takes your imagination on a wild ride – this is so for you!

forever destiny

What do you call a blind date that isn't so blind? Tess Ekanem is shocked to come face to face with a past she had tried and so far, had succeeded to forget and avoid. All the mostly forgotten feelings of hurt and betrayal came hurtling back into her heart and she channeled it into a slap that stunned her blind date. Jeff Enang isn't a stranger to slaps but it usually came from women he could recognize not from a beautiful, chubby strange woman - his blind date. He should have been angry but all he wanted was to know her more. Thoughts of her made him want to dine with the devil if only to find her but that never happened. Instead, his child gets kidnapped and he's faced with the realization that his blind date could, possibly, be the mother of his daughter. Forever Destiny tells a story of what's yours is yours.


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