Emmanuel Attah

Books by Emmanuel Attah

bite the internet

BITE THE INTERNET - 7 Steps to Understand and Use the Internet contains seven chapters and one bonus chapter. The bonus chapter – chapter 8 is titled Making A Living From The Internet: 8 Most Lucrative Areas in ICT Today. I believe that some of us reading this book now have either read other books or attended seminars that are entirely devoted to teaching you something related to making a living from the internet. What this book is primarily about is how to use the internet as of today. You must first learn how to be a doctor before you can learn how to make money as a medical doctor and that is why I wrote this book. It is a basic foundation of how to use the internet today in generality before you get to chapter 8 which then shows you how you can start making a living from the internet.

the jeff bezos formula - how to do e-commerce in nigeria and succeed

Jeff Bezos is the richest man alive today, and he made his billions from doing e-commerce. Stephen Akintayo is a Nigerian billionaire through e-commerce and Akin Alabi was a billionaire before he became a senator in Nigeria. All these people made their billions from eCommerce i.e. doing business online. E-commerce is taking over; every business will soon become an eCommerce business, the covid19 lock down has made us realize that. You too need to start an eCommerce business today and if you already have a business you need to transform into an eCommerce business fast before it is too late. E-commerce is the fastest way to build a profitable business today and that is why i wrote this book. In this book I explain the Jeff Bezos formula - his secret to success in the eCommerce world. The Jeff Bezos Formula consist of 4 major points every eCommerce entrepreneur must know before doing eCommerce. This book is especially tailored for people living in Africa - particularly Nigeria.


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