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kidnapped in ikorodu

Kudirat, a beautiful young girl was unfortunately a passenger in a public transport attacked by a group of hoodlums for what she thought was an ordinary reason – regular theft. But then, when other passengers, except her, were killed, she soon found out that the reason for the attack wasn't as banal as she thought. She thus became from that moment a means to an end. Her family quickly springs into action to find and rescue her but soon find themselves in a very tough situation. On whether they succeed is left for you to discover in this captivating read!

the risk

When a young Nigerian man tests positive for Covid-19 while away from home, he decides to inform the family nurse - his mom. That singular call set the ball rolling for a series of complications. His stubborn mom decides to come over for his treatment. His young God son, who he tried to avoid, sneaks in unexpectedly to come spend the night with him. He concludes that the boy and his mom are infected due to their contact with him. If they are to survive the virus, he has to navigate through the many challenges that fall on his way. A good and thrilling read!


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