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All of us were born to contribute. God planted the seed of greatness in each and every one of us, and grooming and developing this seed is the foundation for our ultimate fulfilment in life. RISE contains truths that are the core principles and ideas necessary to help its readers develop a holistic portrait of what it takes to bring their greatness to life. All its twenty chapters are written with a view to equip readers to rise to the call of greatness and learn how to look out for themselves by looking out for the world in which they live. RISE is filled with copious anecdotes from the life of the author, Femi Jacobs, as he shares generously and frankly about the lessons that have defined his journey thus far, paying close attention to the principles that were set in play deliberately or ignorantly and the results they delivered. One of the core ideas in the book is that our loyalty ultimately should lie with the set of principles that undergird the reality of how things work; making the point that we prosper largely by aligning with these principles, perfecting our interactions with them to improve our lives.


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