Femi Osewa

Femi Osewa is a designer in the architecture and creative field. He is the owner of ‘Appymouse’ – a handy tool that has brought improved experiences for tablet users. Born and raised in Akure in Nigeria, he currently lives in London. He recently embarked on a new hobby of woodworking and is working through the beginner’s lessons in guitar class. Simi Visits Grandma (Folk Tales from Jalingo) is his first published work. You can find him on Twitter and on Instagram @femmyextra

Books by Femi Osewa

simi visits grandma

A trip of greed, courage, arrogance, power, bravery, and leadership. Follow the main character, Ìjàpá, as he takes his chance to upset the established order of the animal kingdom. Will he be a victorious hero or a treacherous traitor? This engaging two-part story centres on a young girl travelling to meet her grandmother for the first time and climaxes with an adventurous story set in Jalingo- a fictional animal kingdom.


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