Folu Olatona

Dr. Folu Olatona is consultant public health physician, nutritionist, author and conference speaker. Her work in nutrition won her an internationally acclaimed and keenly contested Nestle Nutrition Institute Africa’s award as the best health care professional in Community Nutrition in Africa, 2013. She has twenty years’ experience in Clinical Medicine and Public Health practice. She holds two masters’ degrees in Public Health, Human Nutrition & Dietetics as well as a Postgraduate Degree in Paediatric Nutrition from Boston University School of Medicine, Massachusetts, USA. She has written eight books on health, marriage and other useful topics which have sold over 35,000 copies in the last nine years within and outside Nigeria. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Community Health and Primary Care, College of Medicine, University of Lagos. She has authored fifty-two scientific publications in the field of Nutrition and Public Health. She co-ordinates Refreshing Manna Ministry, a non-denominational fellowship, with her husband and they are happily married with children Dr Folu Olatona is a well sought-after public speaker and has presented keynote seminars on nutrition and healthy living in many gatherings including conferences organized by NNPC, Nestle Nigeria, Guinness Plc and churches. She has also featured several times on TV and radio programs in several parts of Nigeria on nutrition, healthy living and other health subjects. She is happily married to Niran Olatona a fellow of ICAN and CEO of a multinational organization. They are blessed with two teenagers.

Books by Folu Olatona

healthy diet and weight control tips

This book is a health and fitness book. It provides information needed to enable people make healthier choices when eating. One of the major factors that can put people at risk of developing chronic diseases is unhealthy diet. The book is unique in that it is written in a simple, easy to understand manner and uses examples from our local diet. With this book as a guide, all food can confidently prepare and serve food that promotes health and prevents disease. Moreover, everyone can discover how to maintain an ideal weight and those who need to lose weight can learn how to achieve it easily and permanently. It is a recommended text for every home.

stress less; enjoy better health

This book is a nicely written piece of work which is highly educative and sufficiently captivating. The language is simple and in a short note format. It is a useful contribution to mental health awareness promotion; with particular focus on stress and its management for lay persons. The book has enough substance to make it of interest to anyone irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or educational background.

eat healthy, spend less

People say one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, well this might be the exception because this book does exactly what it says on the cover. The book aims to show that nutritious food can be within an affordable budget. Everyone wants to eat healthy foods but have been led to believe that this needs a special budget. Therefore, we tend to go for the processed foods and think less about the nutritional composition of such foods. This book offers vital nutritional information about the foods that are locally grown and more importantly how we can buy them within a reasonable budget. We all know that the cost of ill health is a lot higher that the cost of good food and this book demonstrates that we can prevent ill health caused by poor diet without a special budget. The book offers the readers the invaluable nutritional information in local, African foods as opposed to processed imported foods. It is a reminder that the African soil produces all that we need to eat healthy. This book is full of valuable tips on how nutritious food can be purchased for less, such as buying foods in season, in bulk and even at particular times of the day. The pictures of dishes in the book are useful visual illustrations depicting that eating healthy and within budget are achievable and pleasurable.

wealthy and godly

Through this timely book, Dr. Folu Olatona, in a simple and easy-to-understand format, answers many questions concerning financial freedom and godliness. The book presents a balanced approach to divine prosperity - Christians can both be wealthy and godly. From this book, you will discover among many other things: • How God wants you to be wealthy and increase continuously • How work is a blessing and not a curse • How to make your money work for you rather than just working for money • How giving more results in receiving more • How to recognize your harvest season and make effort to reap your financial harvest This classic, through practical, time-tested and golden principles, personal stories and insights, would enable you to attain greater heights without compromising your faith. Yes, it will! No pastor, lay leader or church member should fail to read this book. I heartily recommend it to all.

god wants to pay you

Will all Christians be at the same level when we get to heaven? No! Our status will be different depending on what we have done here on earth. God will reward all our actions including services and behaviours; and these rewards will determine our status. The above and other truths about earthly and heavenly rewards are explained thoroughly in this book; and understanding them will help you tremendously to continuously live right and serve God relentlessly in spite of all odds.


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