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freelancing secrets 1.0.1

Freelancing Secrets 101 will walk you through the process of setting up a profile on virtual job sites, learning new skills and making money in dollars. This ebook is filled with useful tools, including: The 4 major virtual jobs you can start doing to earn as much as $100 per week 20 sites which you can sign up for these jobs for free such as Upwork, Fiverr and many more The skills you need to develop to become an excellent virtual assistant such as time management, planning and so much more. A step by step guide to start building a profile and portfolio to attract virtual jobs globally Resources and sites that teach you digital skills for free along with a free certificate Templates of scripts and messages you can send to brand and companies to pitch yourself and your services to them Freelancing Secrets 101 is exactly what you need to develop life-long skills and start earning fast. This book puts over 20 tools I used to make money in your hands. If you can read it then you can make money. Enjoy!


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