Gloria Eyikaivea-Ohaka

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preparing for boarding school

Preparing for boarding school is a guide that will help parents prepare their children for boarding school so they can continue to excel. The place of preparation in every well meaning venture cannot be over emphasized- Boarding school is not left out. Boarding school can be a fun place and that place where your child can learn self discipline, self reliance and experience exponential growth-if adequately prepared! However, boarding school can also be a nightmare or a source of distraction for that child who was not well prepared before being sent off to school. My husband and I almost said no to boarding school because of all the stories we had heard over the years. Those stories elicited some fears in us but when I decided to take out time to think things through, I came to the realization that if we prepared our daughter well, then those fears would never come to pass. I was right! Today, I can tell you from a place of understanding, that, boarding school is actually one of the best things that can happen to growing children. It will help to untie them from their parent's apron strings and help them become more responsible and disciplined. In this book, are proven tools and templates that will help you as a parent prepare your child well, to enable him or her excel in boarding school.


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