Glory Abah

The author of Damona and Other Stories, Destination and The Ones in My Head

Books by Glory Abah

damona and other stories

If you love short, feel-good stories with varied themes ranging from paranormal, thriller to romance, then this is the book for you. Damona and Other Stories: A young girl with the ability to see demons embarks on a tragic adventure after her father kills her mother. The Reason: A misogynistic man has a bad day at the office and ends up killing his boss and a job applicant. But the murders don’t end there. A Christmas Love Story: Molly and Jane try to play matchmaker for their father and their class teacher, Miss Mildred despite their stubborn resistance. Family Court: A good wife is called to defend her good name in a family meeting where the odds are stacked against her.A Story of Big Fishes: Nchelem, a local fisherman, saves the village python god from a spear and suddenly starts to catch the big fishes. However, jealousy arises and begins to open up dark secrets from his past.


Ever wondered what you would do if your whole family is in danger? What if you were just fifteen? This is what this story is about Aunty Nsikak is a fond family friend whose visits are filled with fun, laughter and junk food. Cherry and her younger siblings adore Aunty Nsikaka. She arrives one evening and a trip to get ice-cream turns into a road trip to Abia state. However, Cherry is uncomfortable with the trip for reasons she cannot really point a finger at. Event soon spiral out of control and Cherry realizes she and her siblings have stepped into a den of vicious body parts traders. Betrayed and alone, Cherry tries to figure out a way to save her siblings and herself.

the ones in my head

Three Lives, one Journey Ego, an ordinary girl with a secret from the past. Yewande, an orphan who does what she must to survive. Bassey, hiding from the man who was supposed to protect her. The three have nothing in common, but for the fact that they share a body. Who is the true owner of the body? When Ego, Bassey and Yewande start to get hunted by goons, mobs and even the Police, they realise that only the truth can set them free. With the help of Wale, a guy in love with Ego, they begin to unravel the pieces and discover that the truth is worse than they ever imagined.

husband hunting 101

I am not your regular girly girl. I hate wigs, high heels, and I detest tight gowns and skirts. Some people call me a tomboy and I don’t mind because let’s face it, girly girls are boring. My best friend Adaora, who is a girly girl by the way, disagrees completely. When she begs me to join her in her quest to find a husband, I reluctantly agree. Not that I hate men but they are not high on my to-do list. I have three elder brothers who are pigs, I tell you. Then I meet arrogant, pompous Richard who gets my blood running and for the first time in my life, I just might be open to this romance thing. The problem is that he comes with a lot of drama. From his ex. I’m not the kind of girl that fights over a man. But is Richard worth all the trouble?

the art of writing fiction

The Art of Writing Fiction is a book that seeks to help writers hone and refine their storytelling skills. It is a complete guide for treading the waters of fiction. This book has outlined clear guidelines, tips, and tricks for writing entertaining and arresting stories successfully without holding back any details. Fiction demands a ruthless and immediate command of the attention and emotion of the reader or audience. This is an art that very few writers can manage to develop on their own. Africa has a rich storytelling culture. Yet, as the medium has progressed from word-of-mouth to books and movies, little has been done to aid the upcoming writers who want to tell stories on a global stage.


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