Godsplan K. Ugwuja

Godsplan Kelechukwu Ugwuja is a young writer, teacher, and speaker who has written several articles and materials that have blessed countless lives all over the country. He also speaks regularly in churches, schools, conferences, seminars, et cetera on a wide range of topics and themes. He is also a poet who has written tens of poems of varying lengths of different themes and topics. He writes under the pen name Pendullum and runs a blog on poetry at pendullumpoetry.wordpress.com. He is currently an undergraduate at the Federal University of Technology Owerri. His hobbies include; reading virtually all kinds of books, playing/watching football and singing (Not that he is any good at it though *smiles*). He hails from Nsukka in Enugu state but lives with his family in Delta State, Nigeria. He also owns Quintessence Literary Services, which is a literary agency/publishing outfit that offers services like prompt and professional manuscript editing, proofreading, critique/review and formatting, as well as content creation and book cover design all at pocket-friendly prices.

Books by Godsplan K. Ugwuja

you need to know

This book addresses real life issues and provides simple but hugely effective solutions to these issues. Even the best of us are still plagued with issues like fear, indecision, inferiority complexes, identity crisis, procrastination, excessive worrying and so on. This book shows you how to practically and effectively resolve these issues. This book has thirteen chapters and each chapter adequately addresses a different issue. So whatever your challenge is, there must be something for you in here. The best feature of this book is that it doesn't just tell you what to do. It goes a step further to tell you how to do these things.

the one that got away

The One That Got Away is a true story of love found, love savoured and love lost. It is a poetic account of this author's love story. He tells his bittersweet romantic journey and experience in this book - using very detailed and descriptive poems. These poems are sure to leave you smack in the middle of the poet's shoes, feeling all he felt as he went from falling in love, to experiencing the heady heights of passion and being in love and then to being betrayed and having his heart crushed. It's all in there, just waiting for you to pounce on it. In addition, there are several other poems on diverse themes that are educative, inspirational, just plain fun and enriching all round. You just can't go wrong with this book.


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