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a love full of stars

Relationship is no longer just about falling in love or moving together with your partner. Today, it's easy to fall in love, but the challenging part is keeping that spark alive while you and your partner deal with the real world. In this bold, inspiring and relationship replenishment new book, Godswill Sambo, an Award-winning author, offers a swift new approach and a route map to how couples and partners can achieve extraordinary accomplishments that are uncommon on many marriages today. A Love Full of Stars draws upon cutting-edge research in psychology, candidly examing our most common pitfalls in relationships and the ways to get past them, and takes lessons from dazzling range of problems compelling relationships in our world today. It is a book that will help couples and lovers in overcoming adversities plaguing marriages today, but also offers dozens of relationship rules and goals on how to Win at dating, marriage and sex. This book offers a radical blueprint for the future of relationships. It openly challenges male chauvinism, flirting and polygamous dating, and forces partners to think again about how relationship success really happens.


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