Grace A. John-Ugwuanya

Books by Grace A. John-Ugwuanya

surgery is a sin

This book was written to change the mind-set of many towards surgery. While it depicts success stories and fears in people’s hearts over their survival, it also reveals loopholes in medical practice and avoidable deaths.

sit down with you

For individuals who desire to transform their lives with a personal appraisal retreat, the SIT DOWN WITH YOU eBook provides soul-searching questions that can be addressed away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It contains 17 questions and 10 case studies with different responses and feedback.

unclog the clog

Have you been frozen by fear, consumed by negativity and lacking direction, this book will be an eye-opener that will break off the shackles in your feet. UNCLOG THE CLOG is a book for those who yearn to rise above past experiences and the expectations of others, as they break off self-limiting beliefs that has held them back from pursuing their dreams.


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