Grace Solomon

Grace Solomon is a sought-after Speaker, Counsellor and Youths’ Mentor who uses her personal and professional experiences to empower singles to find purpose, be and attract the right partner, and create a beautiful formidable union with the one they choose to do life with. She is the Lead Mentor at Mentoring Singles Academy, a community that grooms and equips singles to maximise every area of their lives as they journey to become more. Grace is both a Chartered Accountant, and a certified Marriage Mentor with The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs, USA. She also studied Family Systems Engineering at Centre for Sex Education and Family Life, and she’s a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner with InnocentMinds/IMI Consulting. Grace Solomon was awarded Mentor Of The Year 2019 by Ladies of Honour while her blog, www.embodimentofgrace.wordpress.com won Best Relationship Blog award in 2013, courtesy of Naija Blog Awards.

Books by Grace Solomon


Ifechukwude is a true life story which takes you on an intriguing journey of abuse, rejection, pain, finding purpose and love. She shows you that your pains are not just about you but they’re also about the many who will be rescued as a result of your survival. And she walks you through the tough but exhilarating processes of forgiveness, healing and finding gain in the midst of pain. This book will make you laugh, cry, scream, sigh and pray. It will help you find: practical applications that will transform your relationships and inspire you to have a purposeful and fulfilling marriage; how to create beautiful messages from your mess; and how to get your healing amid hell. The journey is not always comfortable, but it’s definitely worth every ounce that will lead you to your purpose and a never ending gain. Read Ifechukwude if you’re wondering how to make sense of any unpleasant experience life has thrown your way.


Nimi's beautiful dreams did not include becoming a baby mama to the popular Rockstar despite her history of abortion... Martins did not believe he could love another woman after the demise of the woman he has woven his life around... Then a book project brought them together. An intriguing story of love, grief, forgiveness and faith.


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