Hephzibah Frances

Hephzibah Frances is a child of God and the Lord’s delight. She has a background professionally as a Lawyer. She is an author and Christian Blogger. As a Social Entrepreneur, she is the founder of Awakening Youthful Seeds For Christ initiative (AYSCNIGERIA) She is also the founder of “The Women At The Well Ministries” a Christian ladies ministry based in Nigeria, passionate about raising women filled with Jesus. She is the owner of “Beautiful Feet Publishing” (beautifulfeetpublishing@gmail.com ) a publishing house that exists to help aspiring authors’ birth their books to life. She believes that she is a scribe for the Lord and her writing gift is meant to be used for Jesus. She enjoys travelling and sight-seeing adventures and hopes to travel the world in an all expense paid trip someday. If you are a woman passionate about growing in Jesus, feel free to join "The Women At The Well" at www.4thewomenatthewell.com Visit Hephzibah’s website at www.hephzibahfrances.com FOLLOW HEPHZIBAH ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @HephzibahFran Instagram: HephzibahFrances Facebook:: www.facebook.com/Hephzibahfrances Blog: www.hephzibahfrances.com

Books by Hephzibah Frances


Eniola is an abused girl who knows nothing but hate for the word 'Love'. Is Love being raped by a boy she loved with all her heart along with four older boys who he brought to 'open the way'? Gloria is a scared child. She is 23 but in many ways still feels like the 13 year old Daddy rubbed vaseline on her bom-bom the night he told her they would make the 'ultimate game machine noise'. They indeed made a noise that night; the noise was her scream in the dead of the night as Daddy raped her as proof of his love for her. 10 years later and still no one hears her screams for help as she is trapped in low self-esteem, an insane urge to masturbate along with a man who visits her dreams in the night to have sex with her. Is there hope for redemption for her soul? Lyna is a girl who is mad at the world along with her two uncles who started it all. She wants more; she wants more with girls but mama's priest says she would go to hell. She is frightened but cannot be good on her own.She likes her girls. Is there any hope for redemption for her? Frances is a girl from a broken home. She wants love but ends up getting it from the wrong places. With abuse trailing her from the man who says he loves her and blood on her hands from two abortions - the result of the love she seeks... could there be any hope for her? Is there love and redemption for broken girls and damaged women? Is there new beginnings for the girls who cry at night? Can Eniola find love again? Find out in this thrilling story of 'abuse, pain, hope and healing'... ENIOLA.

chastity for men

“Chastity For Men” is a book that’s as real as it can get. This is not a manual telling you some steps picked out of the sky on finding freedom from sexual addictions. Yes, there are some steps to freedom that are shared in the book, but ultimately, this is a book sharing the story of real life people behind the scenes, aiming to please God with their bodies. One lady… Four men… Five stories of male virgins… Real life transformations from sexual addictions to wholeness… You will learn the truth about sex. You will read just how much God’s grace can help you break the chains of sin’s hold over you. You will finally break the silence and and live above the shame that surrounds sexual topics and issues in the Church. And when you get to the end of the book – hopefully and prayerfully, you will also surrender your body as a living sacrifice – wholly and totally to God.


Hephzibah Frances knows what it's like to sink deep into the sin of sexual immorality and still feel hopeless to stop it - even as a Christian. As a young girl, her story started from when she was 11 and encountered pornography at home. That singular act would begin a journey that spanned more than 11 years against the demon of lust. Tongue talker but a porn addict... Spirit-filled but masturbating... In love with Jesus but unable to stop melting at the hands of a lover... Today, she lives free from the addiction to pornography, sex, masturbation and has been drawn out of a stint with lesbianism. Many look at her today and think her story was always squeaky clean - it wasn't. But she has experienced the redemptive power of God to set one from FREE from the chains of lust, sin and death. In this book she details her story, journey and victory and what's more? How you can also walk in victory from the demon of lust and sin that ravages today's generation! The Holy Spirit is the answer. Jesus is the answer and HE IS HERE TO HELP YOU! If you need help from the shackles of sin and sexual immorality, Here is that help looking right back at you! "I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." -Galatians 5:16 NKJV

the list for a future husband

Generations of single ladies like you and I have come and gone. Even generations of wives have walked the face of the Earth. And as different as their lives were, one common thing they shared is The List; the almighty list for a future husband. While some ladies had godly parents who taught them to seek solid Christian qualities, others weren’t as fortunate. They grew up with the adjectives “Tall, Dark and Handsome” (TDH) feeding their imaginations and swirling inside their heads; this includes the Godfearing Christians among them. Don’t get us wrong, TDH is not entirely bad, after all, who doesn’t like shiny things? But sadly, TDH alone can’t sustain a marriage that is meant to last till “death do us part”. Hence, the question: What exactly should a list for a husband entail?


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