Homto Dokpesi

Homto Dokpesi is a successful serial Entrepreneur who has a knack for turning ideas into reality. She has authored three books which include Caramel Rush, Within the Couch and The Mistress. She is the Ceo of Duchess H Couture, a burgeoning fashion outfit based in Abuja and also holds managerial positions in other companies. She has her first degree in Accounting from Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State and also holds a Masters degree in International Business Economics from the University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom. She is the winner of numerous awards which include Most Influential Young Female Entrepreneur, Rhoda Michael's and Special Recognition Award, Excellence Award by Nigerian Top Executives, Extraordinary and Achievers Award to mention but a few.

Books by Homto Dokpesi

the price of friendship

Ngozi and Adeola were best of friends always there for each other, shared every little secret, cried together and shared Happy moments together. Ngozi was married to a man who had lost every atom of love for her, she was a walking corpse in that marriage which was due to her inability to give him a child a male child to be precise. Ngozi eventually got pregnant after ten years through an embrassing and rare circumstance a big taboo in most African countries. Mr. Okeke on finding out about his wife's pregnancy and the circumstance surrounding it, he threw her out of his home. Her friend Adeola summoned up courage without the knowledge of Ngozi and went to speak to Ngozi's husband on why he was treating her this way. He said he was willing to change but she had to pay a price for her friend's happiness. Is she willing to pay this price? Is the price worth the loyalty, bond and trust they have built over the years? Would this price shake the very foundation of the ship these friends were sailing? If you were in Adeola's shoes would you pay such a huge price for your friend's Happiness?

the mistress

Laolu only has the court of law as his last card in this carefully mapped out plan of his mistress. Would the armbits of the law save him or leave him to the fiery clutches of his mistress? Bisi continues on her journey in her lusty desire for the luxurious things that life offers which leads her to become a dubai Porta potty? Does she survive the gruesome experience?

caramel rush

An Erotic Adventure of a Nigerian Single lady who embarked on a mogbomoya movement(I heard about the party and I turned up).

do we ever heal

A young orphan woman whom the world has declared Barren without her feminity proven. She is betrayed by those with which she care and loved the most. Would her poor heart ever find love again?

the pink tulip

Adesuwa, a well known foodie had gone in search of well made food to satisfy her insatiable desire. Although her taste buds were not excited on what she got, it led her to Adeola Bankole. Adeola Bankole a play boy who lavishes money on his women and leaves them begging to grace his bed. Every heart he jumps on, he leaves in shreds. Would the meaning of the pure pink tulip hold them both together?

do we ever heal

A woman put all her trust in her husband whom she had sworn to love, hold and cherish. In the midst of life's journey he leaves her wondering if the sacrifice was worth it at all. Do scars ever truly heal when the heart is scathed badly?

mysterious lover

Khalima is trying to move on after a recent heartbreak when Jamal Ibrahim takes a spot in her heart. He’s tall, handsome, and Forbidden. He is her father's best friend. It is deemed to be morally wrong, but the more their paths cross, the more she realizes they are meant to be together. She’s torn between her love for her father and her love for the man of her dreams. Jamal Ibrahim has no plans to fall in love until he meets Khalima . The daughter of his best friend, she is supposed to be completely off limits. He doesn’t want to lose a friend like Abdullahi, but is he ready to lose his only chance at happiness?


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