Ikenna Igwe

Ikenna Igwe is an award-winning writer of fiction and nonfiction books. A Quantity Surveyor by training, he also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. His written and published works include: In The Arms Of Midnight, The Tenants, Thoughts & Verses, Quantitative Reasoning with Vocational Studies for Primary Schools, Books 1-6, and Verbal Reasoning with General Knowledge for Primary Schools, Books 1-6. Furthermore, his poems have been featured on literary websites, such as Kalahari Review, Poetry Potion, Words, Rhymes and Rhythms, and Okadabooks, and have also been published, in various anthologies, by Forward Poetry. He lives in Lagos, where he is currently working on a new book.

Books by Ikenna Igwe

the judas web

The Judas Web is a thought-provoking play that examines some of the ills that have bedeviled Nigeria – and, in extension, Africa – for many decades. With a setting rooted primarily in the early years of Nigeria’s present republic, this literary piece adroitly captures, in fiction, a few relevant characters that – through repeated abuse of their various positions of power – are the perpetrators of these evils...to the detriment of the Nigerian people. Sadly, these perfidious and power-drunk individuals, who are the real enemies of State, are utterly blinded by their cupidity for wealth. But their golden empires soon crumbles, as the operatives of an ideal Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) finally bring them to deserved justice.

in the arms of midnight

Murder, mystery, and magic mingle in this brilliantly accomplished debut collection, of ten thrilling stories, which explores far-reaching issues – family, love, death, and sexuality – that remarkably shape our quotidian lives. In “The Nigerian Gigolo,” a male prostitute, wrongly found guilty of viciously killing a wealthy woman, is sentenced to death by hanging. In “The Interview,” seven successful job applicants are transported mysteriously to an ancient chamber where they are the objects of sacrifice in a bizarre and brutal ritual. In “A Different Kind of Love,” a family tragedy puts a loving daughter and her caring father in an unnatural situation, in which, for one of them to live, the other has to die. In “Destination Death,” several fresh graduates, posted to a state in northern Nigeria, for their NYSC programme, are murdered by a terrorist group. And, in the title story, a young and impressionable girl throws caution to the wind and marries her dream man who turns out to be a sexual deviant. IN THE ARMS OF MIDNIGHT is rich in flesh and blood characters that will stay with readers long after they have finished the book.

thoughts and verses

Thoughts & Verses is a debut collection of 70 simple, endearing, and relatable poems that beautifully reflect our familiar everyday experiences. In this remarkable anthology, the author takes readers on a delightful journey as he eloquently explores the defining themes of love, spirituality, trauma, nature, happiness, and heartbreak. Ikenna Igwe’s poems have been featured on literary websites, such as Kalahari Review, Poetry Potion, and Words, Rhymes & Rhythms and have also been published in various anthologies by Forward Poetry.

lucifer unscripted

Undeniably, many people are familiar with Lucifer’s story; of how he coveted God’s throne, and, with the help of an army of angels, sought to take it by force. However, to their disappointment, he and his infamous gang lost out and were consequently expelled from Heaven – Isaiah 14:12-14; Revelation 12:7-9. But, what if I told you that Lucifer, contrary to popular belief, did not originate or initiate sin; that what we refer to as sin actually existed light-years before Lucifer was even created; that Lucifer was merely a tool of retribution, used by a vicious and very powerful enemy against God. The Unspoken Truth, as contained in this fascinating book, will radically alter your perception of the spirit being referred to as Lucifer, his unceremonious fall from grace, and the real reason he has been wreaking havoc on mankind for thousands of years. Get ready to be astounded as you learn who is really responsible for turning a once perfect, loyal and loving angel into a heinous monster. Additionally, detailed and illuminating answers are provided to the following mind-boggling questions: •How many angels actually fell with Lucifer? •Why did Lucifer and his angels apparently retain their powers after being expelled from Heaven? •Was Jesus Christ actually married to Mary Magdalene while He was on earth? •Can Humans really be cloned? •Were Adam and Eve our only First parents at creation? •Will Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel also rebel against God?

the delicate choice

THE DELICATE CHOICE is a short story about Ahaoma Village – a quiet and prosperous village that is besieged, all of a sudden, by a series of mysterious woes that threatens to wipe out every living soul in the land. A divine enquiry eventually reveals the truth behind the existing crises. It turns out that many years ago, the gods of the land placed a curse of desolation upon the inhabitants of Ahaoma Village – as a result of a great evil that was perpetrated by someone from the royal household. To revoke the curse, the present king has to embark, all alone, on a perilous journey, through the dreaded evil forest, to a sacred cave situated on the outskirts of a distant village. There, the gods subject him to a great test – one in which he has to choose between two delicate options. The right choice will instantly lift the god’s curse upon Ahaoma Village. However, the wrong choice will immediately lead to the village’s utter destruction.


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